10 Travel Products You Need in Your Carry-On

10 Handy Travel Products You Need in Your Carry-On

I’m a big believer in packing light. You can cover much more ground, quicker, when you limit the amount of stuff you’re carrying around with you. Even though I’m a notorious no-frills packer, there are 10 travel products that I cannot live without in my carry-on.



Hygiene Products While Traveling

Facial Cleansing Cloths

Just wet these cloths with some water and use to remove all of your makeup. No liquid makeup remover or wipes needed. The best part is that they’re reusable, and when they start getting dirty, you can simply clean them with some soap and water in a sink.

Micro-Fiber Towel

My micro-fiber towel has saved my life, or at least my wallet, anytime I’ve stayed at a hostel that charges a rental fee on towels (which is most of them). I normally pack this small towel that’s good for pat-drying after a shower. If I have extra room in my carry-on, I might pack a larger version that’s more comparable to an actual bath towel.



Travel Products For Your Carry-On

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

If you’re a light sleeper like me, any kind of noise-cancelling earbuds are going to help you get your rest in trains, planes, and noisy hostel rooms. I don’t really have a preference on earbud/headphone brands, but these have done the trick for me for the past year.

Sleep Mask

I was reluctant to use a sleep mask in public for a long time…especially because mine is very fuzzy and a little ridiculous looking…BUT I eventually swallowed my pride and started snoozing much sounder, which is critical to staying healthy while you’re traveling.

Neck Pillow

I can thank my memory foam neck pillow for getting me through some red-eye flights and overnight trains. After extensive travel, its washable casing has become especially important to me…



Technology While Traveling


A travel adapter is crucial if you’re going international. This is the one I use.

Portable Charger

Another crucial piece of technology is a portable charger. Trust me, in this digital age when everything from maps, reservations, and tickets are on our phones, you don’t want to get caught with a dead battery.



10 Travel Products You Need in Your Carry-On

Travel Journal

Before streaming your Netflix shows at the end of a long travel day, jot down a quick story or a list of what you did that day. If you keep up with a travel journal, it will become the best souvenir from your trip.

Luggage Locks

You might be leaving your bags in a hotel luggage room, or in a shared hostel room for the day. Use a luggage lock to have peace of mind while you’re out exploring.

Packing Cubes

These are packing game changers. Using a couple packing cubes in my backpack, I know exactly how much space I can allot for clothes, so I know I’m not going to over or under-pack. They keep my carry-on organized, plus make repacking a breeze.


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10 Travel Products You Need in Your Carry-On

Now I want to hear from you. What travel products can you not live without? Leave a comment below!

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