Why You Need to Visit Berlin Right Now

Characterized by vibrant culture and grit, Berlin is sure to give you a wonderful and unexpected experience. If it’s not on your travel list yet, it’s time to put it on there! Here are all the reasons why you need to visit Berlin right now.

Rich History

Why You Need to Visit Berlin

Through the World Wars, Soviet era, and everything in between, Berlin has gone through a lot, and they take ownership of it. The city is covered in tokens of remembrance of Germany’s remarkable history, but be sure not to miss The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and East Side Gallery.

Multicultural Society

Why You Need to Visit Berlin

Berlin is an immigrant-friendly city and chalk-full of cultures from around the world. Most notably, the city is home to the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey. Many reside in Kreuzberg, one of the city’s most happening neighborhoods.

Vibrant Arts and Music

Why You Need to Visit Berlin

Besides at the most famous East Side Gallery, you can see street art and graffiti covering the streets, buildings, and just about any other surface of the city. It’s part of what gives Berlin its gritty flair. Well, that and the 24-hour rave culture.

Alternative Neighborhoods

Where to Go in Berlin

Spend time shopping, eating, and most importantly people-watching in some of Berlin’s hippest neighborhoods. Mitte is home to many of the museums, galleries, and world-class shopping. Wander around Kreuzberg to see the Turkish market come alive, and find some of the best ‘third wave’ coffee culture in the city. Friedrichshain is home to the East Side Gallery and probably the most techno clubs. You never know what you might find after spending some time in the artistic hub of Berlin.

Great Food

Where to Eat in Berlin

And I mean great food. Before you hit the sights for the day, fuel up with brunch at House of Small Wonder or Factory Girl. Don’t be intimidated by the hipsters and their next-level avocado toast—they’re just like you and me.

Don’t underestimate Berlin’s street food. Currywurst is just one of Berlin’s specialties, but not to be outdone by döner kebab. Kebab is similar to a Greek-style gyro, and the fast food you didn’t know you needed…that is, until you try Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap. Meat not your thing? No problem. Try Vöner, the vegan version of döner kebab, or another of the many vegan-friendly eateries in the city.


What to Do in Berlin

You’ll never be at a loss for history, art, or fascination in Berlin. Explore the five museums of Museum Island, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience life under communism in the interactive DDR Museum, and learn about the darker side of history at the Holocaust Memorial, Jewish Museum, and Topography of Terror. To lighten the mood, end your day with the German Spy Museum or Currywurst Museum (yep you heard that right).

Berlin is Hip, Livable, and Always Evolving

Why You Need to Visit Berlin

Berlin is considered a culture and creativity capital, and for good reason. Dynamic, diverse, affordable, and just plain cool, Berlin attracts young people and families alike. Join the locals sipping coffee at Silo, shopping at Voo Store, or spending a Sunday at the Mauerpark Market. Stay at Mauerpark long enough to watch lively karaoke performances and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Why You Need to Visit Berlin

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