How to Eat Like a Local in Barcelona

A Local’s Guide to Eating in Barcelona

There’s a lot of things to come to Barcelona for, but the food is definitely near the top of that list. From traditional meals to modern restaurants, this city really does have it all.

Since I’ve only spent a short time in Barcelona but still wanted to give it quality screen time on the blog, I recruited some help. My friend Kendall lived in Barcelona for three months and effortlessly led me all around the city, so I’m going to go ahead and give my co-writer the title of “local!”

So without further ado, here is a local’s guide to eating in Barcelona.

Me and the Barcelona expert! Thanks to Kendall, I ate SO GOOD the whole time I was visiting.

How to Eat like a Local

The first thing to note is the meal times. Lunch is late in the afternoon, and normal dinner time is around 9 or 10pm (even later than in Italy). Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, while lighter plates or tapas are typical for dinner.

Playa Barceloneta

4 Favorite Restaurants

Rekons – You came to Spain looking for empanadas, and empanadas you shall have. Rekons has some of the best, and is a stellar local spot in Sant Antoni.

Flax & Kale – If you’re needing something healthy to offset the “vacation diet,” this is the place for you. They have three locations now and they are all beautiful. Pro tip: try the ice cream and black rice!

Honest Greens – Another great healthy option, and one that will make you feel like a regular in no time is Honest Greens. These are found in Barcelona and Madrid. The Barcelona location is near Plaza Catalunya, so it’s very central to the city.

L’Arrosseria Xativa – For the best paella in Barcelona, look no further than this spot in the esteemed Gràcia neighborhood. The fideua, a noodle paella, comes highly recommended.

Best Restaurants in Barcelona
Truth is I don’t have any good pictures from restaurants in Barcelona because I was too busy enjoying them. So just think of this picture as demonstrating my post-empanada glow.

4 Favorite Cafés

OMA Bistro – Some of the best brunch in Barcelona is right here. If you’ve been away from the U.S. for a while, there are plenty of things on this menu that will give you a little slice of home.

Federal Café – This café has two locations, in Sant Antoni and the Gothic Quarter. It’s a comfy spot to stop and relax if you need a break from walking the city.

Café Cometa – Another gem in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, Café Cometa is full of great decor and more importantly, dessert.

Sabio Infante – The first thing you notice about Sabio Infante is the fun, unique aesthetic. Plus the breakfast is great, the coffee is fab, and the staff is very kind. For being such a good meal, it was also pretty affordable.

How to Eat Like a Local in Barcelona

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