The girl goin’ places

Hi, I’m Marissa. An Illinois native, Tennessee resident, and a girl that just can’t stay put. Do you know the feeling of summiting a mountain? You exhale and look around you and can’t believe you made it. But at the same time you can believe, because you’ve been dreaming of this, planning for this, and working towards this all along. I get this mountain top feeling every time I travel, and that’s why I’ll seize any opportunity to go.  Travel to me is looking my dreams and fears in the face, and letting adventure happen. It’s turning strangers into friends, adopting new ways of life, and leaning into the thrill of independence.

I just wrapped up my biggest adventure yet: 10 countries in 4 months. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that this is just the beginning of a lifestyle I can’t bear to leave. My hope in sharing my stories and practical tips is to inspire your own adventure, and help you make it happen. 

My Philosophy

Go with a plan, and then don’t be afraid to throw it out the window.